I like guys and unlike guys very easly?

So I get very easly involved when it comes to guys.. for example I start liking them very fast, but the smallest thing can make me uninterested..

Im currently talking / seeing this guy I met a month ago. And I though I didn't like him that much, but when I though he had lost interest (later found out that he has Just been on holiday) I got really upset. I found out he was interested and really wanted to meet me again.

Anyway, after I though he had lost interest I stoped liking him and im currently in a state where im not sure if I want to continue this or not.

I dont understand why I do this and it makes dating very emotional challenge for me... dating is kinda hard for me


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  • Sounds like you're not sure what you want in a relationship, but you really want to be in one. Maybe you should stay single and just "date guys" for a while.


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  • Hey girl, I'm the same way!! I think it's a way of protecting ourselves... We get super into this guy, start falling for him... then, all of a sudden it seems we like him more than he likes us, we start to feel really sad about it, maybe at times even embarrassed... we hate that feeling so much that we just get rid of it all together... Learned to detach ourselves in order to prevent rejection. If we loose interest, he no longer has power over us, we can not be rejected, he gets rejected instead... That's why I think I do it anyway...


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  • Hey I'm like that too, don't feel isolated. I promise myself I won't go overboard and I like to think I'm 'independent,' but then I get really involved in them until they show no interest. Then it's like a veil is lifted from your eyes and you see how bad they would have been for you if you went through with it. My advice: don't get blinded by the veil of love. (If ever possible)

  • You're not alone, I've known plenty of girls like this. I really don't know why they're like that. I always just thought they were choosy and meh fair enough. lol

    • Im sure im not alone :) but when I act like this I make dating, something I imagined would be easy and fum, something stressful so its kinda a problem

    • Relax, you've got time on your side and things will fall into place. You've just got to meed the right one where if you see a negative, it's not enough to completely spoil it because the person is so amazing it doesn't matter.

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