Why she's doing this?

So I started to chat with this girl. She stared at me a lot longingly, every time we saw each other, so I said let's give a try. The situation is that we talk now, but every night she disappeares and she's only reply in the morning, so I never have a chance to say goodbye or anything. It's disappointing me why she's doing this. She wants to keep the conversation going and talk with her every day? Or I just misunderstood the whole thing? Maybe I'm just overthinking it. Thanks for the answers.:)
*talk with me.:)


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  • ... She's only reply in the morning...
    It seems with 'I started to chat with 5this girl,' that you don't really know much about her or her life... At night here, dear. With nothing to say after a certain hour, it's just the next day A... Hey.
    If you want to keep on to 'Give it a try,' Confront her with some sort of explanation and find out Why night is not maybe a good time and is the next day really better? Tell her you Think you may be bothering her or something.
    Keeping the 'Conversation going' and flowing is important in any New or Old relationship. But it might be nice to get on the same page with her when it feels like when Night comes and the light goes Out... You are talking to the wall.
    Good luck. xx

    • You got it right. I talked to her maybe once or twice. But this game started in the next year. I don't know her except her name and her class. Sooner or later if she keep doing this , I will ask her about this. Thanks for your ideas, highly appreciated it!

    • Oh, so welcome, and I think I would ask her about it. Find out what's up.:)) xx

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  • I agree with what the first girl said. Just keep the conversation going, she seems shy!

    • I'm sure she is , because as I said to the first girl we played this staring game for months. And expect this staring game she never did anything else then following and adding me on social networks. Thanks anyway for the help.

  • I don't know... I know girls like this : she won your attention and now is bored. If she had a friend with her than that friend probably wanted you and she saw it as competition and started starring at you while the friend couldn't. If she has the guts to keep eye contact with you she has the guts to TEXT you. Its a game to her.. Lose her

    • Yes, probably because she played with me this game for months. For the last weeks she drove me crazy, and I knew that she won't makes the move and I had to make it because in the school I had no chance to approach her. Thanks for Your comment!:)

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