Are there 2 types of (good) kissers?

I was reading a book (Why Mr. Right Can't Find you) and the author says there are basically 2 types of (good kissers):
- a Neptune kisser is mouth and tongue oriented from the start
- an Ariel kisser is lip oriented at the start, open lip, and doens't engage in tongue right away and then once in the "throes of passion" they engage in more tongue or wet kissing.

Here is the excerpt:

I think I am an Ariel kisser, but the last guy I dated was a Neptune kisser and it was off-putting. I asked him for "More lip!" and he said Why, it feels better this way... Hmm not really if tongue is the only thing you use!


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  • I'm currently dating a guy and we had our first kiss a few days ago. He initiated, but sort of left the rest up to me. So, no tongue- just a 5-6 second lingering peck, a quick pull back to stare into each other's eyes, then another. He seemed to dig it.


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  • I've only kissed well made out with Neptune kissers but I like the Ariel style better.

  • I can barely stand being kissed. For a guy to be tongue-dominant is a big turn off for me.


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