How to confront her?

My girlfriend for now has given me the impression she hates her ex blah blah... I snooped into her phone because she had been texting a girls name often. Long story short I see its her ex and she has changed his name to a girls name.. what should I do how should I confront her? I had a similar situation arise with a guy who I think was him before and I called her out and she promised it wasn't a big deal now I think she just changed his name to a girl... Im positive its her ex as i had a friend text it and the name matched. Should I even let her explain herself or just light her ass up and walk away?


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    You caught her out once, shame on her. Catch her twice and it's shame on you. Move on this chick has obviously been lying to you.


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  • You went through her phone... if you don't trust her that much then the relationships heading down a really bad road fast

    • yeah maybe I wouldn't have to if she wasn't so shady... i find shit like this

  • I think you should ask her about it and confront her sooner rather then later. if it happen again I wouldn't stay, if the relationship with u and her is strong , try to work something out , if not then "light her ass up and walk away" for good.

    • I have the proof im gonna wait until I see her just figuring how to bring it up since i snooped in her phone...

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    • Yeah it has a lock but I know her passcode and she knows.. I could just be like why does this person have a contact photo of you and your ex?

    • Yes but not right away, say can we talk... Blah blah blah then get to the point and ask her for her phone th. Ask why does this person have a contact photo... Or how ever you'd like
      Me and my boyfriend switch phones to just look through it now , so I have been at this stage before

  • Walk! Even if my boyfriend disapproved of me being friends with an ex I still would be honest (and unapologetic) about it, hiding it is big red light.

    • Exactly... it just doesn't make sense

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    • Some people have just gotten used to it abd can't help but fall back into the pattern, she might have some actual psychological abuse issues. (He needs me, I am the only one who cares and can help him, he wouldn't hurt me if he didn't care, etc)

      I suggest you read some entry level stuff on domestic abuse victims if you think it's the car.

      That or she's a big lying whore. I can't say which lol

  • Light her ass up and walk away depending on what they were talking about.

    • It looked like sexual shit.. a lot of the texts were deleted though

    • Then i recomend u to break up with her. She lied and didn't tell u about her tlking to her ex a lot.

  • That's really suspicious. I'd walk away, she's already lied and broken the promos she made to you.

    If you stay she'll have to show you she's actually serious about your relationship.

    • Its gonna be hard to stay but I do love her... im so torn... its gonna be a hard decision..

    • * promise

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