Hey I'm confused about asking out a girl Could you please help?

Hi! Im jim im a easy going guy love to play guitar on the beach I'm a nice guy I can only love a women unless I know her so I can't really like someone by her physical appearance I don't know I'm weird like that i just don't really care if she's fat skinny or if she has a small chest or big but etc i just care about whats on the inside but enough about me let's get to the problem yes? So there's this girl let's call her Jane she's like best friend i honeslty dont how to explain it she's just so perfect she likes the same music, shows, books and we both have the same sense of humor I just really like her you know? Like I always wanna hear about her day and just want to know everything about her she's really special to me when she texts me my day gets brighter like just seeing her eyes make my day she's the inspiration that keeps me happy I don't know maybe I'm crazy isn't that what love kinda is tho? so I finally got the guts to ask her out but then her friend asked me all these questions so I answered all of them shortly after she tells me jane doesn't want to date anyone which is pretty much saying I don't wanna date you so pretty much got shot down before I could even ask her out not gonna lie I was sad really depressed didn't really speak to anyone i really I just felt awful food didn't taste like anything music sounded like boring nonsense but eventually after a couple of months I got better happier met new people got some new friends but 1 day I was looking through my phone and found her in my contacts I text her and right away I get a text and we just start talking like we used to and I don't know I feel like I'm starting to like her again I don't know am I crazy?


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  • Just show her this... I know it sounds like a bold move but if this doesn't make her love you I don't know what will and even if she doesn't feel the same way it will make her feel so loved and isn't THAT what love is? Wanting someone to smile, to be happy whether or not you are there?

    • Yeah totally thats what Imakes trying to say but thanks I'll try again see how it goes thanks

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