Girls, The girl I've been hanging out with just told me she is only looking to be friends?

I really started to like her, we've been hanging out for a few months.

I'm thinking about telling her I can't be just friends. Girls how would you take this? Is this a good way to handle the situation?
Thanks Much.


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  • I think you should tell her that, meaning that basically you can't be friends with her if she does not want something more and then just cut off contact and move on. She should understand, because personally I find it impossible to be friends with someone who does not feel the same way as you. It makes it way harder for you to get over them, and then jealous when they start dating someone in front of your face.


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  • I don't think it will change her mind much if she already told you that she just wants to be friends. You can tell her, but it won't change her mind. It may get awkward.

    • It's already about as awkward as it gets haha.. I'm pretty sure nothing will change her mind, I'm not really looking to change her mind. I'm more wondering if a girl expects that response or if that comes off as rude or something.

    • A response of you told her how you felt and that you wanted it to be more? I don't think it's rude no, it will just be hella awkward because the feelings aren't mutual

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