I don't know what to make of this girl?

I had a date with this girl tonight and I actually had a really good time. The problem is I don't know what to make of her. She let me in on some deep stuff. It sounds like she's had some rough times. She's been through depression and is hard on herself. She has had some bad stories of betrayal and losing friends. I see so much in her though. I see a lot that I like. She is a lot better now but you can tell she has been through a lot. I would like to know what to do moving forward. Please don't say she isn't worth the trouble. If that's the case I'll learn the hard way. I'm willing to go through this and give it a chance.


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  • I wish u the best then cuz people with depression issues can really be a handful. I should know cuz i often deal with emotional issues and it gets on my bf's nerves, but he loves me too much to leave. I greatly admire him and i admire u too. You seem like a great guy. You will need a heck of a lot of patience.

    • It just so happens I am patient. I just really think she is a great person despite the issues. I myself have been through depression but am fine now. I'm willing to give it a shot

    • Good luck :)

  • if she tell you about her problem and she look sad or tears go running down her face.. please just hug her. feel free to do that. beside that all you can do is accompany her wherever she'll go. buy her flowers, doll, and make suprises. all girl loves suprises you know.


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