Would it help or hurt your relationships if anyone you dated inexplicably gained the ability to read your mind?

  • I would be so celebate...
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  • Nobody would go on a date with me again...
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  • I would crawl into a deep dark cave, and bury the entrance...
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  • Anyone i tried to date would run as fast and far away as he/she could...
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  • Ooh! A button!
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  • Ooh! Another one!
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  • No! that would really help us communicate and im a fucking liar... did i think that out loud?
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What Girls Said 4

  • They would think I was an eccentric nutcase so perhaps not!

  • My boyfriend reads me like a book, would be nice to be able to do it in return.
    also are you really that cynical?

    • I'm *way* more cynical that *that*...

    • You have no idea how many time he says "i know you're thinking too much about xxx again, speak up!" To me, I don't think I can hide anything from him anyway, I'm weird and I do have some secrets, but I don't think anything he isn't somewhat aware of or would dump me over

    • Wellllllll then... carry on... I'm always trying to get away with stuff... Nothing serious, but still... If people knew the depth of my *horrible* sense of humor... Half of them would think I was the devil, and the other half would wonder who let me out of the house without my helmet...

  • I'd hide myself away forever. I have some really dark and weird thoughts.

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    • Well, thanks. It's nice to know that someone doesn't consider me a psychopath (I know that sounds sarcastic, but I can assure you sir that it is indeed not) :)

    • No no. You totally are, but that's ok. You need to accept you, for you...

  • I'd basically be so hated that they would shoot me in the face.


What Guys Said 2

  • ... Christ with my ex I wish I could have turned that ability on for her. So many times she informed me what she felt I was feeling and wouldn't take my true responses as accurate... But if it was always on... and one way... it would be a nightmare. Especially given the weird random and frankly scary crap which merrilly skips through my brain sometimes.

  • All but the last one fit my life already though.


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