Months ago when I told him "I like u" he was really happy, but then something happened and it was my fault. Can I now still tell him "I like u"?

After I told him "I like you" I didn't act properly, always sad etc.. If I tell him again now, will he get annoyed and think that I only play with him?
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and how to tell him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Be honest, he'll appreciate it

    • How can I write the message? I already be honest for multiple times, at first he's very happy, but then I was sad because of my ex, then I told him again and again that it is him that I like, but was already late

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    • i already told him months ago.. should I tell him again?

    • Yes. Tell him. If you won't tell him. Then get over him.

What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him one more time and this time don't act weird!

    • i'm afraid I already ruined it.. afraid he will only think I make use of him..

    • Nah, it's never too late babe. Plus if you already think you've ruined it, what else do you have to lose by trying one more time? At least you'll have a solid answer instead of stressing yourself wondering about what-ifs.. So, put on your best push up bra, pop those puppies up and try one more time.

    • You're so right my darling! :) Thank you!

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