Guys, What is your dream girl?

Explain what your ideal girlfriend would be like in terms of personality and psychical features. Please be specific (For ex. has brown hair w/ green eyes. Skinny and has a great laugh. Is funny and shy blah blah).


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  • I LOVE women that know who they are, and LIKE what they LIKE, and don't just pretend to like what I do!!
    I HATE the women that want to try to be what the guy wants!! How is that good, for you?
    I want her to say, "I want Indian food, tonight" or "I want to try this restaurant!" I hate the ones that just say, 'whatever you like' and then hate it!!
    I want her to want to cuddle, or make love, and I want her to say, "I want you, tonight!" It's really AMAZING, for some guys, when she says she wants YOU!!
    I want her to know that her feelings and desires are NORMAL, and I want to know them, and please her!!
    Physical traits are just 'icing' on the cake of WHO she is!!
    Maybe I like Red hair. Maybe a little braid, like crown, is nice. It's really about WHO she is, not her body, clothes, or meaningless sht!


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  • As far as appearance, probably pretty close to Ai Shinozaki

    With either Ai Shinozaki's face or a face more like this,

    So, basically, innocent looking, but with a nice figure (without going overboard. I wouldn't want to date someone that looked like she could be a porn star or something because of the criticism I'd get for it). I like the pear shape figure with a relatively large chest. So like Ai Shinozaki, but maybe slightly wider hips with a little bit of saddlebags (some slight saddlebags are extremely hot). She wouldn't have large shoulders or a large rib cage. I prefer Japanese girls with black, dark brown, or redish-brown hair, brown or black eyes, glasses are extremely cute as well, a gentle and soothing voice. I just like the innocent look, overall. I also prefer longer hair, but short hairstyles can be nice too, like this

    but if her hair is long, then more like this,

    As for her personality, I'd like a girl that's both a little shy and also talkative. In other words, the kind of girl that would probably be by herself a lot, but when I come by (or her friends or something) she warms right up and is just this sweet ball of sunshine. The kind of girl that gets excited at innocent things that she is really passionate about. I think that's really cute. However, she also likes to have serious conversations about things on her heart that she wants to share. She wouldn't be the kind of girl to go along with the crowd or gossip and such, but, instead, she's the kind of girl that loves helping people and making people happy. Maybe visiting nursing homes and talking with old people, or something, is something that she enjoys doing. She's also really thoughtful and likes to do little things to make me happy. She has confidence and is happy with herself, but she sometimes needs a little support and confidence boosting to help motivate her to do things she's really passionate about, like she's confident, but still a dependent on others to help keep her confident. She doesn't seem masculine at all. She's also really shy about things like holding hands and kissing and anything sexual, but when we're alone and have been together for a long time, she loves it and has no problem initiating it, but gets flustered/embarrassed and shy when you talk about it around others. The innocent type of girl that's really interested in sex and gets really shy/flustered and embarrassed that she "likes that stuff" when talking about it is so sexy.

    • Even if she didn't have the amazing figure, I'd still consider her my ideal girl. Honestly, I'd do just about anything to be with a girl like that. I don't care if I had to go to school for 8 years to become a dance instructor for my career or something absurd like that. It would be absolutely worth it. I'd do it in a heart beat.

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    • The girl with the blue white lace top oh WOW she's beautiful!

    • Couldn't agree more. She's absolutely stunning...

  • I want my dream girl to be caring, and Loving at the most. She should look beautiful, Short hairs, Long Legs, Brown Eyes, Black Hairs, Medium Sized Breasts, Must have a flat belly. If she doesn`t have this physical appearance. Then she should make enough love to compensate

  • My perfect girlfriend:

    She's shorter than me, so under 6'0" (shouldn't be hard);
    Prefer brown hair, that's straight;
    No preference on eye color;
    Skinny to a little thick/stocky, not fat;
    Has a sense of humor;
    Honest, good morals;
    Smart and can have intellectual conversations;
    Caring and not a gold digger;
    And a girl that can tolerate the fact I don't smile a lot, even when I'm happy, (I'm not mean or cocky, just the way I am);

    That's what I prefer in a girlfriend

  • Well...

    non-short hair
    smiles/is happy more than not
    healthy (not too skinny, but not too big)
    talkative, but not someone who never shuts up
    has a sense of humor

  • For me its not being skinny as in not model like. I like the feeling of my girlfriend having sturdy arms and body. I like girls who are clingy but also can understand when to let go. For me i always loved girls with chocolate eyes. (Light brown) im 5'11" i dont really care about height. But i do find it cute if my girlfriend has beauty marks or moles. It makes them that much more challenging to stop staring at them. Also i like it when girls arnt afraid to hold hands and even be chatty when in private together. I like the more quiet girls.

  • She must be short, hot body, loves metal, has tattoos and loves sex ( must be open to sharing)

  • my dream girl is much different from the girl i actually liked so I don't know

  • Application requirements are as follows
    Long hair black, straight or curly.
    Of course attractive to the your eye.
    Pedies/manies are a must. Love a gal who takes care of her hands and feet. Yummmmmm.
    Smell sweet.
    Who wants me without inhibitions.
    And of course FAITHFUL!!!
    Someone I can awake next to and smile. Pack little notes in her lunch. Fixing her an amazing dinner. Share in all responsibilities with her. My equal my queen. She holds on my arm and walks with confidence, for I am hers and she chooses me. I'm not a selfish lover so she must be ready to experience all avenues of pleasure where it comes to a man and woman.
    My list maybe a little picky and unrealistic but I refuse to settle for less than what I want. My Ms. Universe is out there looking for a man like me. Can't wait to meet her.

  • Easy she is real and my crush for 2 years brown hair dark blue eyes short 4'6 shy :) she's perfect

  • First of all, I found mine, so I can say this: someone who loves me despite all my flaws and considers my needs before their needs. (Flip side is that I have to treat her the same -- fair's fair.) Someone who won't just write off something I might want to try -- river rafting down the Grand Canyon, going out in the middle of the Australian outback for a few months and camping -- but who will at least consider it. And someone I know is not going to run out and boink someone else. Trust is key.

    Physical -- well, it's too late now, but if I had to choose physical features: brunette, blue eyes, British accent. If I had found someone like that when I was in my 20s I would STILL be her slave, lol.

  • It doesn't matter she will always be too young for me and I would never going to get her anyway.

  • Dark brown curly hair and a good ass, nice white teeth in sultry (hope that s the right word) mouth

  • @yesits_galaxyhotchoc
    ^^is dream girl

  • slut type ;)

  • not in order just randomly thrown in

    1. has great sex with me
    2. tall around or taller that 6'
    3. virgin
    4. great ass
    5. average breasts
    6. can hold an actual interesting conversation
    7. classy
    8. not a feminist
    9. can cook
    10. no gag reflex
    11. loves kids
    12. wants to be a housewife
    13. smart
    14. parents who don't speak English so i never have to deal with them
    15. will not be offended and will listen when i ask her to be quite
    16. adventurous like me
    17. not American

    this girl does not exist i know that and accept that sadly

    • shit... scary thought... just realized my current girlfriend is all but 3 of these :o

  • When I close my eyes and try to imagine a perfect girl, she is similar to me for some reason, i. e. brown eyes, brown hair, white skin.. etc. she should be smart and mature (no mind games)


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