She talks about herself a lot?

Is it a red flag if a girl talks about herself a lot? Now naturally I'm good listener and good at getting info out people. Anyway I went on a date with this girl and she was an open book. I would ask a question and she could talk and talk. Most of the talking was about herself though. Don't get me wrong it made it easy for me and she gave me my chances to talk. She just didn't really ask any questions for me. The thing is she still super flirty and laughy around me and pushing me too. She let me touch her elbow (and she absolutely hates being touched) so that was good. I don't know what to think because I've been told that's bad but I feel like she could also be trying to qualify herself though. The best part was she worked for like 11 hours today and still found time to go on a date with me hiking that same day.


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  • It sounds like Chatty Cathy was perhaps indiscreetly this Nervous Nellie who was trying to sell herself and with 'Most of the talking was about herself,' she may have used this as a tool to cover up for the way she was feeling and reeling.
    Now that you know what She is all about, you at least know she is not this shy girl. She did allow you 'My chances to talk,' however, if you do decide to go on a Next date, set her straight, that now that you know all about Her, you would like to have her listen to More... About you.
    It may give her a helpful hint with none of your hymning and hawing and No Yawning... That she too is a good listener and good on your own accord to just Tell Great Date Kate things about yourself.
    Good luck. xx

    • She was talking about some deep stuff too. She didn't go too deep but it sounds like she had it rough in high school. She thinks she's not a good person either. I don't why she is so hard on herself. I just didn't know if her telling me things like this were bad or not.

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    • Sounds good thank you! i don't think going slow should be a problem. She doesn't let too many people get too close. She sounds likes one of those girls that's scared to get hurt.

    • Okay then, glad to have obliged... Then relax and see what happens but remember, be in control of the situation.:)) xx

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  • it's her personality. if you still like her in spite it, let her know how you feel for the both of you to enjoy each other's company

  • Have you tried pointing out out to her in a non confrontational way? Like hey I like to hear about you but I'd like for you to ask questions about me too kind of thing? Usually it's because they're self absorbed or just not that into you. Even though the flirting is there it could be she's just one of those people that get off on attention from others. A needing to feel important if you will. A second theory is massive she's just not good at asking questions, or isn't sure what to ask. If she listens to your offering information about yourself then it may be that too. I would just be cautious because if someone's not into you enough to want to know things about you I would bail

  • Well, to me it sounds a bit like nerves and the fact she WANTS you to know about her, she is giving you all this info and hoping that you like it.

    I am not the best conversationalist and am always worried about talking about myself too much, I'm not an egocentric person but when you're getting to know each other it can be easy to get distracted and go on for a long time, especially if you feel at ease with the person.

    I think you should jump in a little more, start sharing about yourself. I'm sure e would love to learn all about you but at the moment you are asking her questions and she wants to share with you. Share back! She'll ask questions, she'll show interest I bet...

    • But would tell someone deep stuff like about your past. Obvisously she had it rough in high school. For someone she is really hard on herself and thinks she is a bad person. Would you tell these things to someone you liked.

    • She sounds like me, ha!

      I would if I felt comfortable with the guy and the conversation went down that route. I'm quite an honest and open person though.

    • Haha alright she is honest too it helps. Thank you

  • Maybe she's just really talkative. Girls tend to be talkative you know. i know a lot like that.

  • talking is a red flag of course

    • I don't know if you're being serious or not. I'm not saying the talking so much but more so the fact she didn't really ask anything about me.

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