What is he, people?

I'm dating this guy who might as well be the most intriguing person I've ever met...

On one side he's crazy about football, acts all confident, makes people laugh, hangs out with guys, doesn't know what he wants, checks out women, fights on the football field, avoids serious talks... you know, regular guy stuff.

But on the other side he is very tidy, spends more time in the bathrom than I do, tells me without a shame brad pitt is a good looking guy and that he watched magic mike, doesn't drink beer, knows stuff about famous people (who is married...), his handwriting is just sooo pretty and he ADORES kids.

And I just can't... what is he about?


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  • He seems like a pretty solid dude. Take the things you like and as long as you're comfortable with the regular guy stuff, ask him out. Worst that can happen is it doesn't work out and you move on.


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  • Metrosexual?

    • Thought about it but some stuff don't really add up... like he hates skin products, doesn't use a perfume... it's like he's somewhere inbetween hahaha. He does like to look good... but that could be due to his childhood trauma, because people made fun of him... because he was so quiet and nerdy...

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