Ladies of G@G would you date a wasteman?

Ladies of G@G would you date a wasteman?
He pays all his bills is decent looking with a great SOH
( guys can vote as if its a girl)
P. s. Be kind in answering because rubbish collectors also have feelings in case one of them is reading this
  • date him
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  • no way I'm also a gold digger
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lmao, had to answer it that way. Haha. But no, id date him. At least he is working that's a plus.

    • Their isn't that bad anyways lol

    • Pay*

    • It's a source if income, & that's great.

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  • i thought these guys get well-paid actually... anyway.
    but y those guys should be gross anyway? they'll get dirty, sure... but they can always have a shower afterwards


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