Help Very Confused?

I'm in a Long distance relationship. 8 months today. The last couple of weeks my boyfriend has become very distance. He has a new boss that is very demanding. New dead lines and just a lot of new stuff. Some time it's days before I hear from him. I know his life is very busy but, the first thing he would do every morning would text me to tell me he was up and "good Morning" my question is do guys only focus on one thing and just put off texting and say I will do it later and the next thing is way to late. I'm not mad just very confused. Do I text him or just wait and let him text me when he has time. I gong to go see him next weekend but now don't know if I should still go, he has said anything about it. Just very confused,... Help.


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  • Sounds like another woman. Soirry


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