Do you feel people rely too much on texts to communicate in a relationship?

It seems to me that I have read numerous posts over the past few weeks with people complaining that someone they were interested in them didn't text them back. It looks like men and woman are relying on texts over face to face interactions or a call. It is no surprise that those people dont feel the same connection that they would if they had a normal personal interaction with the person they were dating or interested in.

Additionally, it looks like a number of people use it as the coward's way out. They are afraid of rejection, so they text instead of calling. So many of their problems in communication would be solved, imho, bu simply calling the person. I think texts depersonalize an interaction.

Your opinions?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes people do and I don't like the phone either they can be awkward if you are just calling to say hey but confusion takes place over text.

    • i see a lot of guys using them to ask women out and follow up. Does that seem impersonal to you?

    • No I'm okay with that. Breaking dates, changing plans and what not by text is kinda shitty though. I just leaves too much room for ambiguity of intent.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah happened to me but calls aren't amazing either

    • was a guy on here the other day complaining that he hadn't heard from a woman he had texted. I asked why he didn't call her. A day later he had just sent more texts. As if he was afraid to call. You get that much?

    • Oh that's insane obviously he's afraid

What Guys Said 1

  • The phone should be to set Date/Appointments to get together your relationship will improve by a great amount if you adopt this.


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