Girls, How would your react to the following IMs?

So I friended my crush on FB but we're not really that close and have chatted once or twice on FB and only once in person. The internet suggests that when she comes online, I should send her a simple "What are you doing"?

So be honest, if there was a guy your only spoke to occasionally in person and a few times over FB, would you respond receptively to the conversation starter "What are you doing?" or would you find it creepy?

PS I am the king of awkward as I keep messing up eg calling her by accident and I sent her a thumbs up by accident too by mistake


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  • Definitely don't start the conversation that way. If somebody began the convo that way with me, especially if I didn't know them too well, I'd feel a bit uncomfortable because it suggests that you want to know what she's doing so that you can offer to hangout. Maybe just start with a simple hello, hey or hi. She won't read into it as much as you think she will, which generally is a good thing if you're scared of stuffing up.


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  • I suggest that you message the girl with a simple "hey" first and then maybe ask her what she's doing if she responds.☺🙌

  • A "Hi, what's up?" Seems better to me. All the guys that I talked to that were boring always said "hey" so I like "hi" better.


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