What do you feel about kissing in the rain?

What do you feel about kissing in the rain(with out umbrella)?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think its very romantic and sweet. I love rain so kissing in the rain is even better. It might not be the movie star scene but it sure adds to great experience and in sense I find it very sexy and appealing. I'd totally kiss in the rain if I ever had a chance to!


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What Girls Said 3

  • I've never personally experience this, but I don't think it would be anything way over the top special. I mean, kissing is never like in the movies, especially kissing in the rain. I would do it and it might be cute, but nothing to write home about. They always make it look so romantic in the movies, but in real life, I'm sure it's just like a regular old kiss except your getting rained on.

  • One of the best make out sessions I've ever had was in the rain... My boyfriend and I were camping with some friends when it started pouring.. it was warm out, so he and I stayed while everyone else ran for cover.. by the end of it, we were both a bit messy (we laid on the ground in the rain, kissing) and very turned on.

  • Kissing in the rain is romantic and sweet I think. But really its just like kissing apart from your getting wet. I've never experienced this but I wouldn't mind to



What Guys Said 4

  • Anything that's overdone will lose its appeal, so I would have to think that if you kissed in the rain everyday it wouldn't be very special anymore.

    That being said, I think that there is definitely something special about kissing in the rain. Rain is annoying and bothersome, and most people don't like rain. So when you can give a passionate kiss in the middle of the rain, it shows that you don't care about anything else going on in the world, you just want to kiss the girl you love. There's a certain endearing quality that comes with that. Plus, girls look great with wet hair. Haha.

  • The rain here is really cold. I mean, I don't know/understand how anyone could be in it for more than a couple minutes and not get hypothermia (unless it is august with no wind, and there is a southerly front coming through).

    So, I guess I don't like getting wet.

    • For clarification, I was thinking it was like a kiss or two. Maybe five at most. An extended make-out session in the rain would be pretty burdensome, I agree.

    • HAHA! I completely agree. The weather here isn't compatible for movie-esque romantic moments.

  • I tried it once. Nothing special. I got wet. Don't believe everything you see in those romantic comedies. :|

  • That is so romantic. however we are not in the raining season :(

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