Which place do you think is good for a date?

So the guy that I have explained in my previous posts has finally kissed me! He kissed me Sunday and I won't be seeing him until next week. But I don't want to wait that long to see him. I want to see him tonight and ask him if he would like to hang out with me at my house for a while. I'm nervous as all hell to call him but a part of the reason why I want to see him is to tell him how much I really liked the kiss and I don't want to wait until next week to tell him. So my problem is WHERE in the house should I take him to hang. It's either two choices the backyard I have a chair with a table there and an umbrella over it or there's a back room more like an extra mini room in my house. The only problem is I am paranoid I'll get caught. My mom is away to new Jersey and my dad will be asleep until 11 or 11:30 because he works at 12. Midnight. My brother will be asleep and my sis is either in her room or on the computer. I need this little date to be perfect and romantic. I want another kiss from him lol So my question is where do you think I should the get together?
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  • Don't have to sneak him in/out of the house. Plus the backyard doesn't come off as looking for sex.

  • Get a hotel room?

    • I don't want sex. This is an innocent get together

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    • He works and this is the only time available I have. I'm in school and working too. I'm not looking for a dinner or anything serious I just want to spend some time alone with him. Something quiet and nice. We like to talk about so many subjects he's a very educated guy and I learn a lot from him so I just like his company

    • Just calling him to hang freaks me out like hell even though I know he likes me. But I waited two days just to give him the impression that I'm not desperate. But I want to tell him about the kiss which is one of the main reasons I'm inviting him I can't stop thinking about it

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