Does he attract with me or he is a player?

So I have my first blind date with this handsome guy. He's a model and very good looking. Everything goes very well, he asked me to have second date and told me he had a great time. I gave positive reply about his text. Then he never text me again till a week later, he drunk text me and said he want to have sex with me. I just read his message because its kinda a turn off for me, he apologize to me the next morning and he said he was too drunk. i only answer nevermind.
After that drunk text incident, he never contact me or text me. Until a week later, he said that he asked if i wanna have 2nd date again with him, but i said maybe. Turns out, he never contact me because he thought i didn't interest with him. Thats a little bit confusing because I think I show that i interest with him on our first date.
I explained to him that I thought he just wanna have sex with me (from his drunk text).
Then he said no, he said that he adore me and told me lots of sweet things, and he said that he thought i just wanna be friends with him and I didn't interest with him. Also, he said that the night when he's drunk, he thought about me. (personally i dont believe it, how come u think about someone u just barely met?)

PS : this guy always have many likes in his social media's photo from pretty girls. and i start wondering if he's kind of player,


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  • Sounds like a player. I think his drunk text showed his intention.


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  • He might be a player, but you probably won't know unless you give him a chance. If you are really so turned off by the drunk text invident, then obviously there is no need, but if you are intrigued I would give it a shot. If it does not work out, you do not need to keep seeing him. I would be very cautious and guard your heart, but you never know what could happen unless you try.


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  • he might be a player. but the only way to find out is by getting to know him. just keep your guard up a little and don't give him the P until you know you can trust him :)


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