Guys, Is he still into me or not? What's my next move?

I met this guy on Tinder last December. We hit it off but before we could meet up he admitted that he began to talk to his ex again. I was disappointed but wished him well and told him if things didn't work out he had my info.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. He messages me on Facebook. We chitchat then he gets down to business asks if I'm still single etc. etc. We set up a date. He wants to cook me dinner.

We have a great date. He pulls out all the stops; salmon, crab cakes, kale salad, his own homemade salad dressing - the works. Our chemistry was off the charts, and yes I ended up sleeping with him on the first date. Not something I normally do but it just felt right.

We chat constantly (all via text) for the next two weeks. We make plans for date two, but he cancels because it's right before he goes on a guys trip to Miami for the 4th. Says he's too busy packing etc.

He sends me a pic or two of him on vacay, but we don't text because I know he's busy and I don't want to come off as the needy nagging girl.

Before he left we rescheduled the date for the day after he got back from the trip. He cancels again, saying he feels awful and gross after a weekend of partying with his buddies. He doesn't offer to reschedule. Two days goes by of no communication (very unlike him) and I get ballsy and decide to reschedule it myself. He says yes, but all of his answers to my texts are short, somewhat curt, and unlike any he's sent before.

So what's up? He hasn't initiated contact at all this week which is very unlike him. I know he's not busy because I can see he's active on Facebook, so what gives? Is he interested or not? I want to ask him if something is wrong but again, don't want to come off like the nagging needy girl. But it's driving me crazy not knowing what's up because I really like this guy.


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  • In french we say "Loin des yeux loin du coeur" Which translates to far from the eyes, far from the heart. It's like a dying fire. Maybe it just needs some rekindling. If you finally meet him again, it might come back to normal. That's If he didn't "cheat" on you. I don't know if you consider yourself in a couple or not and if you would call it cheating. If you don't, it could be one of the first thing you tell him because he might be feeling guilty.


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  • Cut your loses and let it him go. You can't change a persons behavior. Just remember your in control of your actions and attitude. Buddies over a gal? You got dissed.
    Maybe in the future, even if the chemistry is Breaking Bad perfect. Never give it up on the first..

    • Umm, buddies over a gal is normal... it was a scheduled trip... That said there's plenty of other shady shit this dude's doing but you should not pick a POTENTIAL girlfriend or boyfriend over your friends, it's a sure way to end up hurt.

    • Personally I know what I am looking for in a female (picky). So when the time comes and she does cross my path. a lot of areas like "buddies " get neglected.
      Cause I'm focusing on my crush. I can hang with my buddies during bachelor time. When I'm into my crush I'm trying to score me a lady and a mother friend type for my kids.
      Buddies just don't seem important when it comes to my desires and the needs of my kids. Thats just me.

    • Other shady shit? yeah get out... let him be someone else's confusion, pain, headache. I'm sure you can do better, and maybe your Mr. Right is looking for you...

  • actually he was honest i believe. he feels ashamed of wot he did (maybe xept partyin he might've hooked-up wid another gal)... and now he feels uneasy initiating any contact wid u


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