Girls, I really need help what should I do?

There's a girl I've had a crush on for 2 years but we r both really shy so we have never talked we'll finally I got the nerve to asked her out not on a date yet just to talk exsplain my self ex. We wouldn't feel confertable going to a place with lots of people someplace out side were we can walk p. s we don't live in the city or naborhood just a small town in the woods pleas help I want to make it nice so I can ask her out I just have never done this befor
  • Find a park?
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  • Just walk around town?
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  • Go to hour school that's right next to her house?
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And the school is really nice it's just like a park but with a really nice view and places to sit under shade


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  • It might make her more comfortable to have some people around, yet at the same you guys have your privacy. I chose walking around town.

    • That woul be nice by I don't have anyone I can trust more likely they will get the cops called than help and her best friend cheated with her boyfriend so she dosn't really talk to her friends

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    • Sounds good thanks

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  • walk around town.


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