Does she like me? Give me your thoughts? Is she playing hard to get?

So I like this girl who is my massage therapist. I've been seeing her at her clinic for the past few months now. I have already asked her out twice to come and hang out with my friends. and sadly she said no. But when I asked her out last month and said no, she asked for my number right after that and even featured me on her instagram.

we have been texting here and there. but her response has been extremely slow and truthfully i feel like she may be playing "hard to get"

so I went to see her on Monday again at her clinic and we were flirting really hard. She knows I work at a restaurant and I unintenionally asked her out again. She said maybe if she finishes work early. Then, we talked about her social life and she told me that she goes out once a week and drinks with her friends. So I asked her "is that all you do?"

she replied "well, what do you expect a single girl to do?"
after I left the massage clinic that day, i texted her and it took her forever to text me back. Now we aren't even texting.

and as she texted me sometime last week... she sent me a selfie


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  • she probably isn't interested, but can't ignore you in person. and if you're being that persistant she can't really do anything to get you to back off but to not answer you.


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