Date Ren? What's your thoughts?

If you haven't heard, this man named Ren is willing to pay anyone 10,000 if you introduce him to a girl and they date for more than 6 months.

I think someones got to be pretty desperate to go to those kind of lengths. But on the other hand, who wouldn't want 10,000 dollars just for setting him up with a girl?


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  • i m out...

    • Hahah :P

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    • No problem :) I didn't know who's to choose and your answer was the only one with an upvote haha :P

    • tbh there were some pretty looooong answers... and mine was literally 3 words.. 2 of them were letters... omg... hahahaha... well i m glad to make to laugh.. :)

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  • yeah but its over the span of 6 months? shit. it most likely will come with terms and conditions as well.

    • I guess I hadn't thought of something like that. He sounds pretty straightforward about it

    • I would think he is nothing but straight forward if he is doing that.

  • This guy can't find a girlfriend? I'm screwed then lmao.
    This is odd.. I was expecting him to be really out of shape and poorly looking.

    • He's really taking it to a new level

    • No doubt lmao.. I still don't understand why he's undatable though.
      I see far worse off looking dudes than him with gf's. Maybe he has the personality of a carrot, who knows.

  • This guy just goes to show how important charm is for a man to have success with women.

    This guy's face isn't bad. He is in great physical shape. He has a great job. And he's highly educated. His only apparent flaw is that he is short, but even then he is not exactly a midget. But, my guess is, he lacks charm. He doesn't understand how to charm women, because like almost all men these days he has never been taught. In fact, he probably grew up being told that men and women are just the same, gender is a social construct, etc. It's sad.

  • it may not be out of desperation. some rich people are bored and like playing these kind of games

    • Maybe you are right, who knows? :)

    • kind of reminds me of the movie ratrace. where'd you hear about this anyway?

    • I heard about it on the radio, but there's a lot of news articles about it.

  • Sounds creepy


What Girls Said 2

  • There's a catch. Read it again.

    If you introduce me to a girl and I DATE HER for more than 6 months, I'll pay you $10,000. It's pretty simple.

    It's probably not that simple. My guess is he can easily reject her and stop dating her before the 6 months are up and he doesn't have to pay up. It's like one of those 60 day trials where they start billing you after X amount of time is up and you can cancel anytime.

    "[I] save a ton of time on finding romantic prospects and going on bad dates. You make a bunch of money for something you might have done for a friend, just for fun."

    He doesn't have to find the girl, see if she's interested or experience rejection. On top of that she already agreed to be with him. All he has to figure out in 6 months is if of they're compatible. In theory that sounds good.



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