Should I call him?

So, I really like this guy, and we hooked up. That was four days ago. He hasn't called. I texted him and he texted back that he was working. That was two days ago. Nothing since then. Should I contact him, or just accept the fact that he only wanted sex, and now he's done. We don't know each other that well. It shouldn't have happened.


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  • Well sticky sitch you got here its a coin flip depending on if the guy is a real man or another a hole player that island hops with woman. Try texting him to see if he's interested if so try hanging out if not on to the next.


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  • He 'Texted back that he was working,' so without really standing on ceremonies here, dear, go ahead, for laughs and giggles, and send him a "Hi" and see what he says.
    I feel some guys Text when they feel like it when you aren't exactly hooked at the hip at the moment and some, like maybe this guy, who you 'Hooked up' with, may out of the blue, just send a message when he wants to go back out and paint the town red.
    However, nonetheless, I feel if a guy really likes someone, it doesn't only take a minute to push a button on his own end to say "Hi, how are you?"
    If you see he is putting you on his pay no mind list, then move on. And if he comes around just when he feels it is Convenient then you will Know... He only wanted sex.
    Good luck. xx

    • Well, hopefully, it's a good sign that he just started texting me out of the blue.

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    • Yes, after I asked the question.

    • Okay, so did he text back? xx

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  • give it another try then but if he's still ignorin u then don't bother any further

  • He just wanted sex


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