In most cases should the woman wait for the man to initate the exclusive talk?

We've only been dating a little over a month. I know that isn't very long but we've slept together and I don't like the idea of him sleeping with other people or him thinking I might be. I don't understand why it is such a big deal these days for people to date exclusively after you've hit it off on many dates. It isn't the same as being someone's girlfriend/ boyfriend it is just saying I like you and respect you enough to focus on what we have going on to see where it goes.

That said I think in most cases it is best for the woman to not get too emotionally involved until the man initiates this talk and it seems that traditionally it is left up to the man to start this conversation.

What are you thoughts?


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  • just wait... what more do you want? you ARE in a relationship and if this man has any moral and intelligence what so ever he'll realize you actually like him and if he were to cheat then he'd probably cheat later on down the line

    • Just mutual reassurance that we are on the same page.

    • why? this is my issue with women you have to set everything in stone or put a title on it... and you think that if a guy says something he won't lie... just because he says to you we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend does't mean he won't walk out and cheat the same day... the only thing that matters is if he likes you enough if a guy likes you enough you can both say you just want to be friends with benefits and he'll still treat you like any girlfriend

      people now days are just too immature to realize being with someone and saying you are together is the same thing... it just allows people to abuse the relationship without social backlash... but if he is the kind of person to abuse a relationship to start with then why are you dating him?

    • so basically if he is the kind of guy you should date waiting will not hurt anything and not pressure him

      if he does abuse it and cheat or do whatever then you get an answer earlier than most of if he is dating material

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  • Aren't genders equal now? Lol go ask


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  • why in aNY CASE? you're EQUALLY IN THE RELATIONSHIP. YOU HAVE AS MUCH An interest in what goes on. talks should be had when one person is wanting to discuss something. whether people say you should do this or that based on a cliche' why would you actually wait around for him to say something when you're the one who is ready to talk. you could end up waiting just t o find out he doesn't want what you do. or that he does. either way why are you supposed to take a back seat?

    caps by accident ;p

  • she should wait.


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