Girls, over 25, answer survey and add suggestions?

Once over 30, you realize most people under 30 have no clue who they are or what they want, but figure I'd make it 25 to be fare to those who do. I'm trying to make a survey that would allow me to cut to the chase of compatability with just a few simple questions. There are no wrong answers:
- funny or serious?
- adventure or stability?
- toy of your dreams or save for a rainy day?
- intelligence or ruggedness?
- freedom or obligations?
- spur of the momment or battle plan?
- making love or fucking?
- money is good or money is evil?
- is there such thing as a broken home?
- religion is good or religion is evil?

I'd take suggestions on any other options that should be in there.


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  • The answers I would give would not be accurate. They would not tell you much about me, things such as Adventure or Stability - both. I want both of those things.

    Intelligence or ruggedness - are the two mutually exclusive? Where is the choice for 'Don't care'?

    Making love or fucking - well, again, both! One does not outweigh the other.

    I'm only saying because I wouldn't be able to HONESTLY choose between the two, and choosing one implies you do not like the other.

    • But at the same time, you're still telling me you're the type who can't be satisfied because you have no clue who you are. There is still plenty to go off with your answer. You're still in the phase where you teeter back and forth and expect the guy next to you to be able to read your mind and teeter perfectly next to you or think its his fault, lose interest, and bail. You still told me everything. :)

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    • Yeah, now that I think about it, maybe not the best imagery. Or maybe it is?

      New Question:
      Naked unicorn riding, gross or sexy? Haha

    • Haha! Post it, these are the questions that NEED to be asked!

  • There is a Ted Talk Podcast where the presenter met her husband through online dating by coming up with core values she needed in a man, then doing recon on the competition on the site and creating a algorithm that ultimately led her to her husband in a rather short time.

    I think this is essentially what you are looking to do. Either that or compile a Q & A to fire at women on a first date but they usually don't like that. Hope this helps here is the link


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