Guys, Is he falling in love with me?

I've been dating this guy off and on for 7 months now and i was wanting to know what are some signs that he is about to tell me he loves me?


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  • If I am in love with a girl:

    1. I want to be with her constantly.
    2. When I'm not with her, I'm thinking about her.
    3. I feel better when I'm near her.
    4. If my phone rings and caller ID says it's her, I smile.
    5. I want to protect her and help her in anyway that I can.
    6. When I think about the future, she is always a part of it.
    7. I start thinking about what it would be like to be married to her.
    8. I want to introduce her to my family.
    9. I brag about her to others.
    10. I am not hesitant to tell anyone else how I feel about her.


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  • Wow

    7 months and no signs of love. Has it even become serious like intimate, which is a sign and are you too spending a lot of time together. Is there any sweet talk?

    Some people are afraid of admitting it.

    But, 7 months, come on... It sounds like a 6 month contract without a expiration date.

  • If he's constantly giving you attention, wanting to be with you, always texting or calling you, laughing at your jokes, standing up for you, listening to your problems, then I would say he's probably falling for you.

  • When he's looking at you like there's something on his mind but he's afraid to say it out loud.


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