I kind of like this guy, don't know if he likes me back?

Okay so a little bit ago I met this boy online and he lives about 40 minutes away. First I found him on a live broadcasting website then we followed each other on Instagram and then we moved to snapchat then we started texting and we have facetimed about 4 times. I like him but I can't tell if he likes me. Issue is, he has a girlfriend. Now he has broadcasted many times and while doing so his girlfriend has joined his broadcast and he rolled his eyes everytime and same when she commented. He always answers to me when I comment tho. Also he has called me cute about 3 times and called me pretty. He has asked me two times if I have feelings for him and each time I've told him no because I'm afraid he might not like me back. Do you think he likes? What should I do?
Oh and I forgot to mention he has told me that he really wants to hang out with me sometime.


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  • Hey he rolled his eyes at her, obviously that means you have the green light to get between a relationship.

    • Does it? I don't know I'm kind of scared to go for it, just incase he does feel that way.

What Girls Said 1

  • you should ask him out.


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