Why does it feel like when I like someone I'm doing all the work, then just to get no where?

It feels like every time I like guy I end up doing all the work after a week and I don't want to put in effort if I'm not getting it back. Like how do I gage when it's annoying or necessary?


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  • Then he doesn't like you, or he just doesn't want to show he likes you. Supposedly. Girls get scared when a guy shows that


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  • Sounds like my last relationship.. which I foolishly stayed in for 3 years. It takes two to tango.. and if they aren't contributing early on, then they won't later. It's important to establish boundaries like that early on.

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    • It's all about give-and-take. Be yourself, just don't sell yourself short. Make sure the guy is putting in just as much effort as you are.

    • Thank you! I'm glad you said something :)

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