Could I had messed something up with her?

Ok so I like this girl and we used to talk and text for awhile. Recently she told me she likes me, but not enough to date me on the spot. That was a month ago and now our conversations are short and abrupt only containing a few texts. So could I had messed up my chances? So could you guys tell me anything to try to get her to like me enough? Also did I mess up anything?


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  • I don't see how you would have... what was your response? Who usually texts first (or did before she confessed)?

    • It's usually me now but before we both sometimes texted first

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    • Actually she knows I like her.

    • Then just bring it up. Be gentle about it, and don't force a completely unrelated conversation into a new one, but go for it :)

  • you might be unconsciously tiptoeing around her now and she might be doing the same thing, she might want to know you more before dating you, some people like to have closer relationships (intellectually not physical though sometimes it's physical) before they actually start to date


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