Is having kids at 26 too young? Help me plan my life?

Recently, I've been planning my life. I want to be a Med/Surg. Nurse, but I want to get married at 24-25 and have kids at 26. I just want to have kids at a younger age than 30 so that I can be with them longer. But how am I gonna do that with the career I am choosing? PLus, I'd have to see the love of my lifeduring university, which could be a distraction? I know that Medical school is changing to curricullum to a full 2 year prgram instead of the "50 years of your life gone" program. So.. how's this supposed to work?


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  • <3 You and I have the same life plan, the only exception is that I want to be a veterinarian.

    I think your plan is spot on. I hope to have a kid after graduate school, take a few months off, (or have the kid during the summer) and go from there. Because I also want kids before I turn 30. I don't think that's too young. In fact, I've always wanted kids young, but my career and education won't allow that.


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  • Heeeey this sounds so much like my future life plan. Not exactly but similar, I want to at least have a boyfriend or be engaged by 26 and have a kid at least by 32-34 (if I'm married) not too early or late and I want to be a nurse too. But for you that's definitely not too young of age

  • not too young.


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