If a guy admits to you he has never kissed a girl before and he is 20, what would you think?


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  • My eyes got big when I read that, so I guess I do tend to judge him as being nerdy and inexperienced. If the guy is worried about it, he could lie and say that he believed in saving himself for marriage, but he discovered recently that religion is a hoax, so now he's cool with having sex before marriage as soon as he finds the right woman.


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  • Not much, I'm the same way but I've had plenty of opportunity, it's just I have higher standards and the so far the hot girls who were willing to be serious with me straight up said they didn't want anykind on real relationship so I didn't do it. So he could be like me and just holding out for something legit and great rather than legit but with anyone, or a fling with an attractive girl.


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