Is it normal for a girl to get mad at a guy for liking her?

My friend got really angry with me for liking her.
Well our friends told me that she HATES relationships, she is only 22 and had a 3 year relationship. I saw signs that she had some feelings toward me as well (She asked me what I thought when I first saw her). I told her in a card, she was kind of mad at me at the time I told her though and I didn't know it.


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  • I don't know if it's normal but I'm guilty of it.
    I wasn't necessarily mad at him for liking me, it was how he handled it.

    Like proclaiming me, which led to rumors, which led to drama, which made my life extremely awkward and drama filled. The rumors actually affected my love life.
    End Result: A very angry me

    I mean I guess I would've been less angry if he would've just admitted it when I gave him the opportunity before opening his mouth.

    Now that I think about it was very silly, how the simplest thing got out of hand. He probably thought I was angry about him liking me too. It's pretty awkward between us now. Haven't really spoken to him since but I hear he still likes me.
    Surprisingly doesn't hate my guts..


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  • If she is your friend, then she is mad because she just wants you as a friend only and proclaiming you like her now makes things awkward and may ruin the friendship if she isn't interested. She could also be mad because she was waiting for another guy she likes to ask her out, but it was you instead and she is mad because she isn't getting what she wants.


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  • Well were you being creepy about it? Because one time a guy sent hey to me fifteen times a day without a response for about three weeks and then asked why I was mad at him for liking me.

  • I don't know if it is normal or not, but I've done this before.
    A good friend and I were in a class together & one day when he was absent his best friend who was also in that class told me how obvious it was that he liked me and how he talked to him about me all the time. I tried to play it cool but I knew everybody from that class & I didn't like people teasing me about it or things being inevitably awkward at times. After that, I acted like a bitch towards him for like a week (I didn't plan or actually think about it or anything, it was like a defense mechanism, almost. Or maybe I was just attempting to make him not like me anymore) but I realized how stupid & immature I was being so then I tried to be nice again & act like nothing had happened. Things haven't been quite the same between us since then, though. I'd advise to just give her some time & space.


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  • Isn't that all they do?


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