So, I want to approach a guy but?

How do you know if they want to be approached? How do you know if they are single? Let alone, how do you old they are?

Today at the gym, a guy caught my eye. I eventually asked him if he was done with a machine. He had one set left he told me. He put his headphones in, did his set, then took his headphone out and said sorry I am kind of jumping around from machine to machine. He left his head phones out for a few minutes. I said oh don't worry about it. Smiled and preceeded with my workout because I didn't want to mess up him workout. But I wanted to talk with him. Was he giving me the opportunity to talk to him since he left his headphones out? Should I approach or say hi next time I see him?


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  • Definitely say hi and talk to him! If he wasn't in the mood to talk he would have had his headphones in. Yes guys like to be approached, and other than askung around, sometimes the only way to know if they are single, etc., is to approach them. Sometimes its the only way something will happen.

    • Thanks! I know he is a regular at the gym, so maybe I will approach. It just is always so scary.

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  • just have small conversations with him every time you see him at the gym to get to know him better


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  • We generally want to be approached by women. Even if we aren't interested in them. It feels good.

    Go ahead and talk to him. Let him finish his workout and walk over to him.


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