I know she likes me but she just recently got a boyfriend, what should I do? (please read the details)?

so a girl at work laughs at all my jokes, stares at me a lot, and flirts with me by calling me babe, she waited for me to finish work to walk up with me, she purpoesly barged her chair inot the back of me when we were sitting behind each other on checkouts, she tried to sneak on me and scare me at work. theese are singns she likes me right?

I never told her i liked her and someone else did, so u can't really blame her? what shud i do now? tell her i like her but won't split them up and that if she was single i would like to go out with her? im letting her choose


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  • are you sure she has a boyfriend? it doesn't sound like she is taken if she is flirting with you that much. but if you like her, why haven't you asked her out yet? maybe she was getting tired of waiting for you and didn't wanna do it herself. you sound like a rather passive guy. i'd say go for what you want. she may not actually have a boyfriend or doesn't know who she likes better. ask her out and see where it goes.

    • tbh im not 100% sure if she actually has a boyfriend, i heard someone telling me at work, i haven't asked her yet because it would be awkward

    • oh you can't always rely on what other people tell you about these things. a lot of the time they will just assume the person is seeing someone and then tell people like it's fact. i'd say you should proceed on the assumption that she doesn't have a boyfriend. there's nothing wrong with just asking her though. and you still never said why you haven't asked her out yet

    • I've never really had a girlfriend before, so its very hard for me to find the courage and im not good at what to say, she has went on holiday for two weeks, so ill see how she reacts around me when she is back before i ask her out

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  • Well this might be that she likes you or otherwise she is a BIG flirt.
    When you say that someone else did. Was she with that dude, when she met you or did they get together after you started working with her?

    • afterwards, he is new at the workplace, but even tho she is with him she still can't leave me alone, maybe she would rather have me

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    • nah not really, but still wudnt matter because i didn't make a move, she might still like me, but thought i would never make the move

    • Who made the move: her or the other guy?

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  • Uhm. Wake up! She has a boyfriend who she clearly likes. If she was into you she wouldn't be with him... She's just a big flirt.

    • but how can she be with me if i haven't made a move? think about it, i haven't asked her out so she can't be with me, she might think i dont like her, if she did know then she cud choose

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    • but if he dont ask you out, do you not think 'oh he dont like me, move on' ?

    • Depends on what time range we are talking about. Six months to 1.5 years, nope, Id stay crazy about him and not go for anyone else. After that period I might consider it..

  • if she really likes you like you claim she does then shouldn't she be with you instead of having a boyfriend?

    • well not if i didn't tell her i liked her? she might have thought i didn't like her? she's ot gona wait for me forever, but if i tell her and she knows how i feel

    • you don't always have to say you like someone. your action should speak for itself

    • but what can she do if i dont make a move?

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