Do you reckon something good would happen with him?

Me and this guy went on a second date only a few days after our first :) he bought me dinner and we went to the cinema :) we get on extremely well and although he's going away for a few weeks, he's asked to see me again as soon as he comes back.
I really like him however I am a little unsure whether he likes me back. We've only hugged each other but there's been no mention as to what would happen. Like, if we could be something more.

When he dropped me home, he did the look! You know the look where you're unsure whether you should kiss someone or not? I should've kissed him but yeah in the end we just hugged :)

I don't hear from him much because he's super busy but he messaged me once he got home hoping I had a good day and told me that he did!
If we think of what to do eventually and I say "It's a date :)" do you reckon that would show him that I'm interested and hopefully get the ball rolling?


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  • a 2nd date so quickly after 1st date is a good sign obviously... but still seems like he's unsure about it.

    if he's super busy as u say, then i guess u should let him message u for a date first. he messaged u on his own after all so chances r he'll do once he's got more time


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