Does it sound like I'm a romantic possibility for her?

First off I went on a date with this girl and we went hiking to a waterfall. Normally when she does stuff like this she will put in on her snapchat story or her Instagram. She didn't though. She knows this is a date. She was laughing the whole time and we were playfully pushing each other. The problem is this girl doesn't really express her emotions it seems. Like she was really open about her life but guarded at the same time. She doesn't like being touched she said. Yet she rubbed my back during a story and then I rubbed her elbow. She didn't pull away or anything though. The problem is she hasn't really been texting me much. I've seen her in person and she still acted the same but didn't really say anything about our date. She was with some coworkers though.


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  • It sounds like you're a romantic possibility for her yes

    • Is there any specific reason why you say this? I'm just trying to get different opinions.

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  • It was only a first date and you are expecting too much of an immediate reaction, especially if she is a guarded person. Don't try to interpret her behavior. If you like he, ask her for another date. She will let her guard down when she trusts you and that will take some time. You may have 10 dates before she really opens up about herself and gives you some passionate making out.

    • I don't if this makes a difference but she is an outgoing person too. She isn't shy at all so it does make me nervous. I know I'm probably expecting too much but I'd still like to have an idea on what she is thinking.

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    • Alright sounds great! I'm not one to bring up relationship talks after the first date anyway. One date at a time. Thank you for your time and advice

    • You're welcome. Good luck!

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