Is he insecure by what I said?

I'm in a long distance relationship and texting /calls is how we like to keep in touch. He has started a new job so will be busier and I don't mind at all because we chat when he's home from work. Yesterday he seemed off with me :/ cut ain't story short I said because he's busy etc we can catch up more at weekends and through the week he can relax etc he then kicked off !!! Telling me why would he want to just contact me weekends and it feels I'm trying to get shot of him by mentioning this , and he said why don't I like to text him first? :/ I was taken back by this. He then said I make him paranoid and it's like I want to end things with him , why did he get upset by this? He apologised but I'm still confused to why he got upset , I love him I don't want to get shot of him , is he being insecure maybe?


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  • do u really don't text him first then? if yes then yeah he might was thinkin u r not much interested. otherwise he got upset wid his job maybe, and job was keepin him busy, so that's y. although he didn't want to throw his anger towards u... yet it just happened coz he was really mad atm probably

    • I do text him , I even texted him that morning to say have a nice day :/ , he seemed very upset when I suggested maybe text call
      At weekends because we are both busy through the week , that's when he said he feels I'm trying to get shot of him !! I'm so confused

    • then i guess it's his job as i said

What Girls Said 1

  • Look, I am going to be honest. I believe that relationships require constant communication and attention. It seems like your needs aren't met. You want him to give more attention to you, while he wants to be left alone in order to relax during the time he is not busy with work.
    How long have you been together? Was he always this way? Do you ever meet?
    If I were you, I'd seriously consider breaking-up.


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