Looks wise... what kind of person are you attracted to?

For me I like guys 5"8-5"11 blond or red hair the most but brown is hot to... spiky hair , athletic over 150 lbs green eyes or blue... man buns I'm kinda digging lately. And guys that wear glassed are sexy too! Nice teeth as well with a nice tann.


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  • Seeing as how I don't really have any distinct preferences I'll just give you a girl based on the resulting kind of girls I've been with (be it coincidence or not).

    Height: 5'6 or taller.

    Body: Average build with a medium to big size butt.

    Race: Black (second would be white).

    Hair: Black and medium length.

    Eye color: Brown.

    Personality: Quiet, but open to conversation.

    Again this is just a collage based on the girls I've been with. I really don't have distinct preferences.


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  • Usually black hair. Not something I check prior to crushing but that color just seems to be on them.


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  • I like smaller women, 5'5" or less, athletic but not skinny. Bright personality and vivacious. Smart and mature (attitude and not age). Hair color unimportant

  • 4'11-5'5

    That's it.. I'm short, so dating a girl who's taller than me would be hard. :P :c


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