Would a guy really date with another girl if he already has plans of asking another to be his girlfriend?

Well, shit, I think I just got played or whatever you'd like to call it. I know I turned this guy down even when he was giving me signals and asking me to date but seriously? 2 weeks after I turned him down he's already got a girlfriend. And I just feel so stupid for this because I thought he genuinely liked me (even if I didn't like him the same way, it was like the first time someone really tried to ask me out) Well, I know I'm gonna get over this in 2 or 3 days but is it possible to get a girlfriend in a month or less? would a guy really date with another girl if he already has plans of asking another to be his girlfriend?
This girl, she's his ex... they were already dating when he asked me out..
of course I didn't know that at that time..


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  • This is the most frustrating thing women do in my opinion.

    You denied him so he went after a girl who liked him? You just want attention. If you turn down a guy, he won't stick around forever. Move on.

    • I don't want him to stick around. I just thought that if he truly liked me and asked me out for it, he couldn't have gotten a girlfriend in 2 weeks after we last saw each other. What I'm bitching about was his sincerity, not his attention.

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    • Because women tend to flake very often, and they don't give clear signals. So in order to not waste time we go after multiple women at the same time. The more women we go after, the higher chance one will say yes. Makes sense?

    • yeah

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  • Yep. It's called a backup plan. Trust me, those usually come back to bite u.


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  • ? He was interested in you, you turned him down, he moved on

    • I don't have a problem with him moving on. It's just that I found he was already dating this girl, had plans of asking her to be his girlfriend when he asked me out. I just thought he was really sincere about it.

  • yeah depends on how sensitive/insensitive a person is actually... if he didn't care much bout u, then it could be possible he'd move on after 2 weeks. yet 2 weeks r indeed pretty quick findin another gal... so i guess there's a strong possibility they might were datin meanwhile when u were still together wid him

  • yes, men go wherever the opportunity lies. Until they get truly mature, they take sex where they can get it.

    • Yeah, lesson learned. I should've believed what my eyes saw and not what he says to me.

    • cheaters lie. I guess it should be obvious. We just want to see the best in people.

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