Guys, He said he liked what we had so far?

I haven't heard from him in 9 days. We had a talk about how I thought he wasn't ready to date (hot and cold) and he said he thought I was right, but liked what we had so far and still wanted to talk, though he didn't know how much time he would need. He sounded really optimistic and actually acted like himself when I told him I was giving him space and that he had to heal on his own time and there was nothing wrong with that. He thanked me for letting him see the whole picture and putting him in his place. I guess he's just trying to get his life together. How long do you think is a sign he's not going to text me again? A month? I just miss talking to the person that I got close to. I don't want to give up on him, and I told him I still wanted to talk too.
He is getting over a on/off relationship. It's been 5 months. She's still texting and not going on.


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  • did u say for how much time he'd have his space? if not, then he'd come back on his own after a week or 2.. dunno though.
    yet he might never try to come back to u, since he had his space and u set him free, but this would mean he's not into u at all

    • No, I just said I was giving him space because he seemed distant (why I brought it up) and that I was going to take a few steps back and keep my options open so I didn't get more invested since he can't invest right now.

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    • He said he didn't want to rush it and thought we could have something good.

    • maybe u were clingy and he wanted space?

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