How to get over a girl that's not interested?

Another thread: Im new to the dating world and went on my first date; I dont even consider it as even a date. More of a chill. She's 22 and im 23.

Our friends recommended us we should go out. The past 3 weeks, we all hung out as a group and both of us are always having fun. I called this girl to go on a date for icecream and she accepted it. After the date (lasted 30mins), Im pretty sure she's not interested in me or shy; she haven't reply to my texts since last Sat and one on Mon. She also said she's gonna be busy after we hang out and through the weekend with family. She also stopped viewing my snapchat stories, im so lame lol sigh.

Before, she'll reply to my texts right away. I want to call her and say something along the line "hey I hope my intentions didn't throw you off and I know you're not interested in me but hey I still want to stay friends if anything" but I don't want to make things worse because we haven't gone anything serious.

I do want to stay friends but I'm afraid my feelings will get stronger. I really hate how I got emotionally invested into this and done a lot of wishful thinking like 'oh man i think she's the one' geez. Even we had fun together as a group, I don't know if she maybe not yet comfortable alone with me. Honestly, I much rather stay friends, I just hate how my friends implanted this 'ouu you guys will look so cute together' and such.

Yea, I'm prob going to either text or call her and say (_mentioned above_) and just keep my mind busy and focus on myself and achieving personal goals. I just don't want it to be awkward when we get together as a group.

Happy that I experienced this and dunno know that I'm not ready for a relationship just yet. Prob I like the idea of being in love rather than I'm actually in love. I don't even know what I want yet from it comes to relationship. I'm a Pisces and confusing lol. I guess I wrote this out just to vent and see what other people think

I guess I answered my own question but what you guys think?


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  • Find one that is. The best way to get over a negative experience is to replace it with a positive one.

    Don't beat up on yourself for engaging in wishful thinking. The only way to have no disappointment is to have no expectations. Do you really want to live without hope?

    • Thank you brother
      These are very wise words. Stay positive in life with less or no expectations.

      I actually love your input
      Thank you again

    • You're welcome. Good luck! :)

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