Dating polish guys any different?

How do you date polish guys? It might sound like a weird question, but the only type of guys I have ever been involved with are Scandinavian guys, and they all had the same culture as me.

But im currently talking / seeing this polish guy and he's not brought up where I live So I would guess he has a different dating style. Unless polish dating is the same as norwegian dating.

So I dont know if I should expect anything different or not.. so anyone that might have some advice?


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  • Polish American or is he actually from Poland?

    • He is actually polish, but he livet in england for three-five years from the age of 18 of something

    • I've been to Poland before, the men are friendly but they're generally traditional. Meaning he is into traditional gender roles (maybe, I don't know him)

    • He could be.. I dont hope so :s

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