Okay so what should I be thinking now that this has happened?

Okay so I have been talking to this guy through snapchat and texting for a month and it started off nonstop but then things got a little spaced out but we were still talking. Alright so when we were talking he mentioned he was going to be working at an event which I was planning on attending I told and he said to come say hi so I did we talked for a good 5 minutes but he was busy working and said he'd love to talk more but he was working so now it's the morning after and he still hasn't made an effort to text me or snapchat me. I don't know if I'm being paranoid since I have been hurt so much or if he really isn't in to me. Should I text or snapchat him or should I just wait it out? I got butterfly's walking away from him so I think thats a good sign but still.


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  • Wait 72 hours. If he liked you and was working maybe he worked late/went out and haven't gotten around to it yet. If in 72 hours you don't hear from him just say hey no reply means move on


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