Would you take me back? Was I being stupid?

Recently after breaking up with my boyfriend of 6 months, another guy asked me out who was lovely. We went on 4 dates, and we got along and stuff, but I wasn't sure if there was a big connection yet and I didn't feel like he felt much as he didn't try to put his arm around me or kiss me or anything the whole time, so I told him I wanted to stop seeing eachother. Then I find out he really does like me, which he said, and couldn't stop thinking about me, but now we've stopped talking because I said I thought I needed some space for a bit as I don't know whether I was ready for a relationship - it's only been a month since I broke up with my ex. But now all I do is think about him, I want the guy back, I wish I had given him another chance - but I don't know if I just enjoyed the going out and the whole dating thing? I'm so confused can someone please help?


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  • if he's really interested then he'd chase u back i believe... did he show any signs of being annoyed when u told him u need space?

    • No he was quite nice about it, just askign me to still talk to him, even though I said I needed space

    • eh i guess he was respectin yer decision actually

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  • There is a chance he may still be interested, however he may have also moved on. But before reaching him, you need to be sure whether your feelings about him are genuine or not. If they are not, I'd suggest you not to mess with him again.


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  • Have you seen other guys? If so did you get intimate? If so - forget it with the first guy. If you haven't - sure, you can get him back

    • No I haven't seen any other guys because I've been thinking about him

    • then you have a shot.

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