Girls, Is she interested?

We've been texting for three week. We met after 2 weeks and the date went extremely well. So well in fact she actually messaged me thanking me for the evening. Then I asked her out again and she couldn't make my first offer but the second she could. I ended the conversation after that and then texted her Goodmorning the next day. Since that she's been giving me one line answers and not always keeping the conversation going. She will take sometimes 7 hours to reply but she does reply. I'm so confused what's going on. Is she interested or not interested? Signs she is interested are: thanking me for the lovely evening on our first date and agreeing to a second one. Signs she's not: taking fo Ever to reply and bot really keeping the conversation alive. Note she kinda did this before as well but not as much as now. What are your thoughts


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  • If she still wants to meet you again I wouldn't worry about it. If you actually get to see each you don't really need that much texting anymore

    • The date is a week away. She couldn't make it this weekend

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  • She's probably dating more than just you and she's giving you just enough bait to where if one of the other guys doesn't work out she still has someone hooked.

    • Maybe but we texted all night last night! Why would she thank me for the evening then? She was busy at work, now that it's te weekend she's been talking to me more just like before

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