When you try to rekindle an old romance and you changed, the second chance may fail?

So I am 24 now. I met a guy when I was 20. He's 12 years older.

When I was 20 I was much more naive about relationships than I am now. I have much higher self esteem and I also look better now because I made myself blonde, and got better makeup and stopped over tweezing my eyebrows. I looked good then but everyone says I look better now as a blonde. Also I am just much more confident than I used to be.

Anyhow... when I was younger and I met him I viewed him as soooo powerful and let him be boss.

Recently we ran into each other and he saw that I was not putting up with his crap or putting him on a pedestal anymore. But I felt like because he knew I used to be a lot more passive, he was annoyed at my behavior.. whereas if we had just met he would have seen that I don't take crap. Because I already showed him in the past that I would take crap he is not happy I won't anymore. So I ditched him.

Too bad because we had great chemistry..

Ever feel this way, like if you set a bad precedent for yourself in the past the person will always see you as you used to be, even if you changed? Especially if you used to be a doormat and you became more assertive.


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  • It will fail if you can't work through the issues of why you broke up in the first place


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