Girls, How to talk to a shy girl?

There's a girl I've had a crush on for 2 years and have never even talked to her I know she likes me but I'm also really shy. I just asked her out (through her friends cause she has no phone and lives almost 1 hour away) what should I say I almost never talk normally. I really need help.

Sorry but I don't know how I tried to find u but couldn't r there any questions u put up that Wernt anonymous I could get u off of those
@FlutteringFeelings that what I did nothin came up


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  • Wowwww.. This seems tough , because it's funny.. When I read the first two lines I thought you were the person I was dealing with. I understand what you are going through , it's okay to be "shy" . The way you are explaining it is that you guys are both shy and doesn't know how to approach one another , if you have a clue she is interested in you also. But ! , have composure and relax , it seems hard because the more you think about it , the more it will frustrate and worry you. Take it one step a time , don't expect moves to be made if you won't at least make an effort. A lot of boys make a mistake because they wait so long to make a move , then it ends up being to late.

    Elaborate more on where did you see her from? And how did you guys meet? .
    In that case , try to take is slow than just asking out , message one of her friends and ask her , help her feed you more information on what you need to know.

    • It's her birthday and today is the first time I have ever talked to her it was on kik but still for me that's crazy I'm gonna tell her I like her later tonight and c if she would want to go out some time but I don't know how she's gonna take it

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    • There is a search tab on the right hand corner when there is blue tabs , click on search tab (magnify glass) type in the name I gave u

    • That's what I tried but didn't work to lookin up this "Girls how would u feel react if your boyfriend told u he was going to be a marine" it has a picture of a marine nealing in front of 2 flags that's me

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  • Stop being a baby. You know she has already agreed, so there you goes your fear of rejection. If it's still really difficult for you to talk to her, get her number and sart texting her. Or email her if you need extra time to come up with an answer... But seriously if she has agreed to go out with you, why are you afraid. She obviously likes you a lot and is waiting for you to break the ice and initiate a conversation...

    • She has no phone or any way I could talk to her I have to tell her friend and when she gose to c her she is supposed to show her so we can talk but she hates me an tells her I didn't send a message and then tell me she forgot so its tuff but I'm trying

  • Get her to open up. Talk to her. Find what you both have in common. Likes, dislikes, stuff like that. Get to know her first. Also, if you were to be nice about it and give her lots of compliments, I'm sure she'll be noticing you till then. Best wishes to ya

  • Wait you asked her out? And what happened?

    • I don't know yet her best friend really hates me and makes it really hard it took her a month to tell her and all she told me was ok now u need to set up a date, so it's next weekend

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