Is he just using me for sex?

I met and hung out with a guy and we hit it off, but things got intimate very early... I told him I didn't want to rush into anything, but he said that he wanted to break the tension. I know that some people prefer intimacy early on in a relationship to make themselves more comfortable, what are your thoughts? How do i know he isn't just using me?
Also, as soon as we decided to hang out again, he immediately mentioned me "looking at him whilst doing it this time" (sorry TMI :$). He suggested dating exclusively after 3 dates, but i would rather not sleep with him again if he's a player. Why can't i get to know him first rather than just getting to know his dick?


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  • I don't know what to say. Only time can actually tell.
    You can just tell him that you don't feel comfortable doing sexual things with him. If he keeps pressuring you or if he gets mad about it, then he is probably into the sex part and nothing more.


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  • Sounds like you hit it off too fast

    • So do you think it was just rushed and "in the heat of the moment" ?

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    • Haha okay :) thanks for the opinion!

    • Glad to be of assistancešŸ˜‰

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  • If a guy wants to sleep with you without commitment then he's using you. Point blank period. Whether it's malicious or not: he's using you for the sexual gratification of his dick and discarding the rest of you, your collective mind, spirit, and heart, in exchange for some pussy. It's sleazy and not cool.
    It's best to stay the heck away from guys like that! They always turn out to be drama and trouble!

    • Thanks for the advice ! I was unsure because whilst i really like him, i had a niggling feeling that it didn't feel right, especially as he only wanted to talk about sex again. A second opinion really helps :)

    • Yeah girl, that's one of the warning signs: the guy ONLY wants to talk about sex. The only thing he seems interested in exploring about you is your sexual side. The only true excitement, passion, or goals he mentions all revolve around his cock. That's when you're dealing with a dog who will probably fuck anything with two legs and a pussy. These guys are usually very hot, gorgeous, and charming.

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