Creepy affair between family members? maybe?

i can't be sure but some of the signs kind of creeped me out-- so juts wondering what others might say

Just want opinions. My mother went to stay with my sister and her husband for a month or so to help take care of their child. After she went to stay I remember once my bro in law looking at her almost googly eyed as if he was into her sexually or mesmerized by her. This never happened before. My bro in law also hit on me many times and in front of my sister and still does but I ignore it. My did has a nanny too and I too suspected something cud be going on with him n her. They live five hours away. Also when my mother was telling a story of when he came home she was saying
something and diverted her story like she was hiding something. My mother is a sociopath narcissist and has done bad things to me as an adult. My brother-in-law obviously seems to be sick too but pretends to be normal.

Also my mother said that he would play with the child and say he has to take a piss in our language which is kind of dirty and very personal. It's creepy that a son-in-law would say that to his mother-in-law and she laughed when she talked about it. All of these signs along with the fact that she's a psychopath he's apparently a pervert but he puts on an innocent act but hits on me all the time. Also I had a dream about it and I'm really psychic and my dreams are always premonitions. the creepy thing is when i went to visit this time, he semi aggressively hit on me and also constantly kept saying at night "is there anything you need from me" which to me is a sexual reference. When my mother talked about it yesterday i was freaked out a bit inside and she cud tell- she almost seems angry and proud as if "screw u b*tch" almost like she got caught and doesn't care

Are these red flags or signs that something happened. The I have to take a piss part is reslly creepy. He would never say that to me or even my sister or other females but to a mother in
just looking for honest opinions... this whole situation or possibility is making me sick and confused.. since my brother in law has proven he's a scumbag b/c he hits on me a lot its all possible... im just confused. the way my mother acted was really weird and suspicious... she's 64 as well.. bro in law is 35.. just weird


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  • just stay out of it.

    • out of what... thats def not the question and if it was true i'd def not stay out of it

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